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How to Choose an HVAC Service

Let's be honest. Most of us don't start looking for a furnace or air conditioning repair service until we need to. If I were to tell my wife, "honey, I'm going to spend some time today looking for an HVAC repair service, just in case we need it." She will probably check my temperature. But when we need it, choosing the right service provider can make a big difference in the timeliness and quality of service, which, in the end, translates into money.

Following these simple steps will help you find a reliable repair service in your area while avoiding potentially disastrous situations.

1. My friend's uncle's wife's brother-in law...

There are simple things that most of us can do. If you need help changing a filter or programming a thermostat, knowledgeable friends and family members can be a great resource. But when the work involves gas and water lines as well as electricity, it is always better to get help from a professional. If your friend's uncle's wife's brother-in-law happens to be a professional HVAC technician, great. If he is not, continue to read and let's find a good professional.

2. Ask your friends and family

One of the easiest ways to find a good HVAC technician is to ask the people you know for referrals. When you get a recommendation, be sure to ask what kind of service the technician or company performed and ask what was positive about the service provided and see if the positive aspects of the recommendation match with your needs. We all have different needs. While to my friend it might have been very important to get the work done quickly, I may be on a budget and my biggest concern is the cost.

3. I have no friends or family...

Ok, you probably do, but maybe they are not nearby and you just moved to a new area. So you have to go to the phone book or the Internet. When looking at listings and ads, start with professionals and companies that service your area. Look at their listings and web sites. Most ads seem to be saying "pick me, I'm the cheapest" or "no, pick me, I'm the best". But the candidates who should float to the top are those whose ads and web sites provide you with some information rather than just a services list.

Also check with the local Better Business Bureau or other business organizations about a business rating and volume of complaints. Usually, complaints are filed with these organizations when the customer could not work out a solution with the business itself. Be careful with Internet ratings. If you are reading those, read a sample of negative and positive comments. People sometimes make strange comments such as: "Their uniform is blue and I hate blue. Green would be much better, so I'm giving them a 2 out of 10 rating." You get the idea.

4. Can they do the job?

Once you have your top candidates, check on their web sites or call them to find out if they have all the licenses and certifications that your state requires. Most established companies require their employed technicians to be properly certified and licensed. Then, ask them for references. Good businesses always have customers who would be willing to provide references for them.

5. What if something goes wrong?

Accidents do happen. And if one happens during your service call, you want to be sure that your technician has all the appropriate coverages. Most states require businesses to have a liability insurance policy that would cover any accidental damage their technicians may cause. Most of the times, HVAC repair companies will just replace anything that they accidently damage rather than filing an insurance claim. Either way, how a company or a technician handles mistakes and accidents speaks much about their professional maturity. You also want to make sure that the technicians themselves are protected by worker's compensation in case they get hurt while performing your service.

6. How much?

Look for businesses that are willing to inspect your system, provide you with an estimate and then perform the repairs. Good companies are honest and upfront about the issues, costs, and options. Be careful with vague estimates or a technician who wants to start repairs without discussing options or giving you an estimate. The best service companies will provide you with a written estimate that includes details about the service to be performed with costs, dates, and optional services.

7. And the winner is...

If you got to this point with more than one estimate. It's time to choose one. You should choose the HVAC service that provides the best value to you. The value will depend on what your specific needs are. A detailed estimate that gives you the impression that they really know what they are doing might be preferable over a vaguer but cheaper estimate. Although cost is an important component of value they are not necessarily the same thing.

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